What is the Mule Bag?


How do big retailers ship?

The large retailers often don't give their parcels directly to couriers like DHL and UPS, especially for international shipping. They ship their orders using freight forwarders.


Freight forwarders

Freight forwarders combine the volume they receive from the retailers and use it to negotiate bulk discounts with couriers. These savings can often be as much as 80% cheaper than prices at the Post Office.

The couriers used to deliver the parcels are often exactly the same as couriers the Post Office would use, just way cheaper. For example, with Royal Mail, a parcel to the US will probably be delivered with USPS. Same with the Mule Bag.


How do I get access to that?

Accessing freight forwarders is very challenging for a small business. They often require you to integrate complicated APls that require the help of an expensive software engineer. Then you have to display all of their complicated pricing to your customers, it's a nightmare.

The Mule Bag changes all that.


How it works ...

Choose the Mule Bag when searching for a courier on our mobile or web app. Once you try and pay for the parcel, you will see that you also have to pay for a Transit Bag or Mule Outer Bag. This is the cost of getting your parcels from you to the freight forwarder (and also why it is not for sending single parcels).

Once you have paid for the labels, simply attach the individual labels to the corresponding parcels. Then, put them all inside a sturdy container and attach the Transit Bag or Mule Outer Bag label to this container.

Depending on what you chose, either drop off your parcels or wait for them to be collected by the courier.


You should also know

You can monitor and share the tracking from your mobile or laptop.

All parcels sent with the Mule Bag are carbon neutral.

If you have one, add the option to your checkout page so your customers can see how cheap international shipping is. This should help bump up your international sales.