Take back control of your shipping

Thousands of e-commerce merchants and 3PL's are losing money on their shipping operation. Mule changes that.


The Story

Idries, Luke and Nima created a technology platform which helped make shipping cheaper and easier for small e-commerce sellers.

Through running this business, they had to build internal software solutions to solve problems they faced. For example, they built software to make sure shipping costs Mule charged customers were always accurate, given all the surcharges and changing rate cards.

Realising mid to large sized e-commerce merchants and 3PL's face the same problems, Mule changed its business model and now focuses on providing logistics software solutions to solve these large and costly problems.


Our Promise

You will save large amounts of money on your shipping operation, every month

You only pay us when our software has created value for your business

Fast and attentive customer support