A new way
to send parcels

Thousands of resellers and small businesses are overpaying for shipping because they don’t have access to the bulk discounts that large retailers do. Mule changes that.


The Story

In October 2019, Idries Erfan and Luke Tritton decided to put all of their money and time into building an app. Why?

Idries realised that sending parcels abroad was very expensive and time-consuming. He envisioned an app that made that less of a problem. He called up his friend Luke who was running a business selling products on Amazon. They both loved e-commerce but found shipping to be a massive pain. Royal Mail was acceptable but international prices were high, the Post Office queues were long, and the whole process seemed to be inefficient.

Knowing that a lot of other people felt similarly, they thought they would try and build an app to help other people in the same situation. They wanted to change how parcels were sent and show everyone the different options that are out there.

There were certainly some highs and lows but we have created the product that we envisioned: save money, time and the environment when you are sending parcels.


Our Promise

We promise to make sending parcels better and more sustainable. That’s all we try to do every day.


Mule Bag

The Mule bag allows small businesses and individuals to send parcels at the same rates that only the big retailers have access to. You put your parcels in a bag and send it to our freight forwarder. The bag is opened and the parcels are sent to their individual destinations around the world. By using the freight forwarder, you access the same discounts that some of the largest retailers in the UK are already using.

Instead of Royal Mail dealing with the parcel from start to finish, we use DHL to collect or drop-off the bag from your chosen location and then a company called Landmark to send them internationally.

We liken this to when someone books a holiday through a travel agent compared to when they organise the individual elements of a holiday themselves. It may be easier to book your holiday all in one go with the travel agent but you will probably save money by splitting it up.

That’s what Mule does. By splitting up the journey, you can get international tracked and signed parcels for up to 80% off Royal Mail prices.

However, unlike booking every tiny detail of your holiday, the Mule Bag also turns out to be a lot easier than going through Royal Mail. You can have your parcels collected from your house and all your information is saved which streamlines the process.

Mule your parcels now.


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