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"Instant customer service replies every single time. Very competitive pricing. All parcels sent tracked. Not sure what else you could want."

Max Murray
Shopify - Dream Vintage


"Mule is a live saver! Helpful team, amazing savings to be made on international orders. Most useful app!"

Kush Shah
Shopify - Feather Pendants


"I save so much money using the Mule Bag for my international parcels"

Chloe St John
Depop - @chloestjohn


Send a parcel with any of our integrated couriers. Compare the likes of DHL, DPD, Landmark and others on price and speed.

Losing out on international sales?

Provide your customers with clarity on customs charges, and pay them upfront to streamline your shipping and reduce return fees. Say goodbye to the international shipping headache

Integrate your store in minutes

Easily connect your e-commerce store to Mule and fulfill your orders in a few clicks. Sign up or schedule a time to find out more.

the Mule Bag

We boast some of the lowest rates on international shipping with the Mule Bag. Access shipping discounts the largest retailers in the country have been using for years.

Save the

We cover the cost of offsetting the carbon emissions from every parcel you send.

Track and monitor
all your parcels

Get live updates on your phone and laptop with our in-app tracking. Evaluate and monitor your parcel history using the analytics page. Easily share tracking links with your customers.

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We talk to resellers and small businesses around the world who share their stories, tips and tricks. Check out our socials for more episodes

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